Birding in Central Siberia

12 days, 11 nights


June 8 to 19

Branta-Tours is happy to announce our unique voyage across Central Siberia to experience the magic of the taiga.

Don't miss an opportunity to explore a place where Nature is still "Natural".

During this exciting venture we will visit some of the most beautiful places of the Mid and Southern Taiga to discover the real naturalness and wilderness of the country, and you will have the special privilege of being among its first explorers.

The central theme of our trip is the River Yenisei (4,092 km) - one of the seventh greatest rivers in the world, here as much as two kilometers wide.

In the Yenisei region the wildlife of the West gives way that of the Orient. Indeed, Yenisei is considered as the new demarcation line between the west - and east Palaearctic zoogeographic zone. The largest tributary is the Angara River originating in Lake Baikal.

The place we are based is surrounded for thousands of kilometers by Natural Taiga - a forest of large Pine Spruce, Fir and Birch, where Wolverine, Bear and Sable roam. Mirnoe field station will be the tour highlight.

But it is really the birds that capture the essence of the taiga. Rivers and lakes with Black-throated Diver and White-tailed Eagle hunting along the shores and the forest alive with the songs of: Siberian Rubythroat, Siberian Blue Robin, Rufous-tailed Robin, Red-flanked Bluetail, Siberian Accentor, Redwing, Siberian, White's, Red-throated, Blyth's, Eye-browed and Dark-throated (atrogularis race) Thrushes, Richard's and Olive-backed Pipits, tristis subspecies of Chiffchaff, Arctic, Greenish, Yellow-browed, Dusky, Pallas's, Pallas's Grashopper, Lanceolated and Blyth's Reed Warblers, Rustic, Pine, Yellow-browed, Yellow-breasted, Chesnat, Pallas's Reed and Little Buntings, Brown Shrike, Red-breasted (albicilla race), Dark-sided (or Siberian), Brown and Mugimaki Flycatchers, Scarlet and Pallas's Rosefinches, Waxwing,
and many other Siberian highlights, such as Lesser Sparrowhawk, Crested Honey-Buzzard, Been Goose (A. fabalis macrorynchos), Red-breasted Merganser, Smew, Arctic Tern, Little Gull, Terek Sandpiper, Long-toed Stint, Temmink's Stint, Jack, Great, Swinhoe's and Pintail Snipes, Oriental Dove, Oriental Cuckoo, Ural, Hawk and Great Grey Owls, Black and Hazel Grouses, Three-toed and White-backed Woodpeckers, Siberian Tit, baikalensis subspecies of Willow Tit, Citrine Wagtail, Siberian Jay, Nutcracker, Two-barred Crossbill, Waxwing, Grey Bullfinch... - around our base for this tour you can see almost all Siberian specialities...

But good things come with effort, i.e. this is neither your back garden nor a place with high-rise hotels, smart restaurants or busy roads. Indeed, you are going to explore one of the most remote places of the Planet.

So, if you are ready to live in forest cabins with oil lamps, simple wooden beds and outside toilets you will be more than compensated by the richness of the landscape and the birdlife around. This simple life comes with sauna, delicious fresh food (including excellent fish from Yenisei River) and remarkable hospitality. Electricity is available for a few hours per day by a generator to allow you to charge batteries etc...This is a very wild place but in case of emergency we are able to help and have means to call helicopter. We are equipped with satellite telephones and Full-duplex radio station, which permits two way simultaneous communication. The permanent staff of Mirnoe Field Station also includes a GP doctor.


- The settlement at Mirnoe survives because of the field station of the Russian Academy of Science whose research has continued for 35 years and provides the bases for our knowledge of this region.

- We have direct access to the advice and knowledge of Oleg Bourski - a well known avian ecologist and main specialist on long-term monitoring of bird communities, working at Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution in the Acad. of Russia, accumulated over 35 years of direct studies at Middle Yenisei Biological Station, Central Siberia.

- The tour will be leaded by Pavel Simeonov who has wide experience in guiding birding trips in other former Soviet Bloc countries.

- The real naturalness and wilderness of the site - a combination of esthetic beauty and the unspoiled aspect of the environment: Many people run "Nature Tours" but only a few tours go to sites where the Nature is still Natural and Wild.

- The wildlife starts at your doorstep.


Accommodation is in a comfortable hotel in Krasnoyarsk (3 nights) and traditional wooden cabins at Mirnoe with beds for two people or family, well heated by large wood-burning stoves.

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